Dew Superclean 500ml Spray & 5 Litre Refill

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We supply products to a variety of early years settings and homes. Some settings are bound by regulation in relation to hand sanitising/cleaning products used. Ensure you check out any compliance issues and public health guidance prior to purchase.


Purchase Dew Superclean 500ml Spray & 5 Litre Refill for only €17.50! This is a great introductory offer to this environmentally friendly cleaning product. DEW Superclean is a multi-surface, low-streak cleaner and degreaser providing excellent performance for all cleaning challenges, significantly outperforming the competition.

This product is used in your kitchen area to clean ovens, sinks and countertops. It is safe to use around food preparation as it has no harsh chemicals present. It can also be used in bathrooms on toilets, sinks and nappy changing areas. It can be used in dining areas on chairs, benches and seating areas that have soft furnishings. Similarly, it can also remove tough stains on carpets and paintwork.

Superclean Cleaner and Degreaser is made up of over 99% water. Other ingredients are 0.15% salt, active ingredient: 0.05% sodium hydroxide and 0.2% Cationic Surfactant. There are no harsh chemicals included and therefore it is kind to your skin, your surfaces and ultimately, to the environment. Purchase this bundle now and you can refill your spray bottle 10 x times from the 5 litre refill. This is not only very cost effective but a great way to cut down on your plastic consumption!

Benefits of Dew Superclean 500ml Spray/5 Litre Refill

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • FREE FROM harsh chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritant and non-staining
  • Kind to your skin and the environment
  • This product is 100% Eco Friendly, 100% Mineral, Vegan & Non Toxic
  • Rapid cleaning and degreasing
  • Perfect for stainless steel
  • Anti-fogging on glass, cleaning of surfaces
  • Effective soil repellent on glass and ceramic surfaces
  • Excellent when used on your car