Dealing with Visitors – Friday Freebie


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Childcare services have a legal duty of care for the health, safety, security and wellbeing of all children and staff. It is the responsibility of the management of a childcare service to ensure that this duty is uncompromised at all times. In performing this duty, the service should require that ALL VISITORS (without exception) comply with sign-in/out procedures.


All visitors should be asked to show identification
All visitors should be asked to sign the Visitors Record Book which is kept in reception area at all times making note of their name, and time in.
The visitor must not be allowed to move about the site unaccompanied

Visitors Departure

On departing the visitors MUST leave via reception
Enter their departure time in the Visitors Record Book alongside their arrival entry
The Reception/Foyer Area Pack
is designed to ensure you have everything you need to be compliant with Tusla focused inspections and to support childcare providers to comply with the Preschool (Childcare Services) Regulations (2006). The guide details how and where documents should kept what needs to be displayed.


  1. Ratios Policy
  2. Key Information Poster
  3. Fees Policy
  4. Person in charge
  5. Daily Risk Checklist
  6. Children’s Charter
  7. Parent Code of Conduct
  8. Today’s Menu
  9. No Smoking Sign
  10. Not Responsible for Property Notice
  11. CCTV Notice
  12. Key People
      • Child Protection Person name and photo


  13. Health & Safety Officer name and photo
  15. First Aid Officers name and photo
  17. Fire Evacuation Officers name and photo2
  19. Health and Safety (roles and responsibility)