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Critical Health Information Notice: this week’s Friday Freebie! The aim of this notice is to cover up sensitive information related to a child. You can are required under regulation to develop care plans which may contain photographs of children and their illness/ allergies so that staff have the critical information to care for the child or respond to an allergic reaction, seizure, diabetic episode, etc. At the same time you are required to keep the information as private as possible.

This notice ensures that information is shared on a ‘need to know’ basis with staff only and therefore complies with GDPR. It is a practical solution to what has become an issue for services in their endeavours to balance the need for having information prominent and accessible and the GDPR rules.

It is important that this notice is placed in a conspicous location and all staff, including relief staff, are trained to know where it is and its significance. Use the Critical Health Information Notice to cover anywhere you have posted any personal health information pertaining to children in your service – you can use cello tape to fasten it at the top so staff can lift it to see the information underneath.

This notice is part of our new Display Essentials pack which provides a number of useful notices and signs in digital downloadable form that will help you to ensure safety and compliance in your service, including Staff Profile, many signs for safety, Child Protection Reporting Procedure and more.

While thinking about how to best manage health issues in your service, remember that we offer a wide range of care plans for medical conditions such as Anaphylaxis (extreme allergic reaction), Coeliac, Diabetes and many more.

You may also consider an Early Years Resource Factory membership. EYRF members get access to many of the signs and notices included in the Display Essentials pack as well as hundreds of other printables, a monthly newsletter creator for your service to communicate with parents, family notices, and access to all our curriculum plans for no additional cost beyond a small quarterly membership fee. We also offer a free 7-day trial if you are interested in having a look at what EYRF has to offer!

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