Create Your Own Early Years Newsletter for November 2019

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Create your own one-page or two-page newsletter for your Early Years Service for November 2019. Include important news about your early years service, upcoming event dates or changes to schedules, hellos and goodbyes to staff and students, or anything else that you would like to educate, inform, or amuse families with this month! Canavan Byrne, the childcare experts, make it easy for you by providing a professionally designed seasonally-themed template for each month with optional articles you can add and edit as well as giving you the ability to add your own content as desired.

Purchase your access to create your November newsletter through the Early Years Shop or sign up for an EYRF Membership to be able to create your newsletter each month along with hundreds of other useful printables and curriculum plans.

Along with the newsletter we supply a Family Notice that you can post in your service each month. This month’s Family Notice: Teaching Children to Take Care of the Environment. Remember, all our family notices, curriculum plans and hundreds of printables are available with a membership in the Early Years Resource Factory!

Sample Article: “Time In Vs. Time Out?”

If you use time out as a strategy to help manage your child’s behaviour this may not help as this is the time when they need help with their feelings the most. Imagine you are 2/3/4/5/6 years of age and very upset and distressed and you were put out in the hall and forced to sit on the step; over and over as you cried, till you stayed there; how would you feel? Upset, angry, confused, alone, abandoned, bad about myself etc? Think how would you feel if your mother or father gave you a little time express your feelings that underlie your behaviour? A moment to sit with the child, to talk together about why she is behaving that way. Sit calmly with your child and talk calmly ‘Sounds like you’re upset; what’s up? I’m really trying to understand what’s going on for you; you’re always such a good girl, I know you must be upset about something’….

“A newsletter is an excellent way of developing a strong partnership with parents. It values parents and enhances their involvement with the service ” (Síolta Standard 3: Parents and Families)

Your Own Early Years Newsletter is a great way to improve the profile of your service in addition to being great for providing information. Hand them out to parents or build an email list and use your newsletter as a promotional tool.

For each month Canavan Byrne provide a brief welcome message, some fun facts about the current month and holidays around the world as well as additional articles of interest that you can include and edit as you like!

For your November 2019 newsletter, choose from these articles:

  • Welcome
  • Challenge for November
  • Child Development Tip: ‘Play is the Work of the Child’
  • November Facts and Festivals
  • Curriculum and Lesson Plans for November
  • Time In Vs. Time Out
  • Aistear at Home

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