Chinese New Year Activity Sheet: Friday Freebie

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Chinese New Year Activity Sheet is this week’s Friday Freebie from Canavan Byrne. Ahead of the The Chinese New Year “Yuan Tan” celebrations we have a great activity sheet to share with our early years services. This year celebrates the year of the rabbit and the main celebration will take place on Sunday, 22nd of January.

On this day Chinese people become a day older. Processions with dragons, colourful masks, clashing symbols and firecrackers happen in China and around the world. The dragon is a symbol of happiness and good luck and frightens away evil spirits left behind by the old year.

Red is the colour of happiness and good luck. Red decorations are made and hung over doorways, money is wrapped in red paper packets and given to children. Oranges are traditional good luck presents.

This week’s Friday Freebie includes a number of different activity ideas that can be done in the class that will benefit the children. This includes activities on Maths, Language and Literacy, Physical Play, Creative, Science, Imaginative, Knowledge and Understanding and Writing.

All of the activities link back to each of the four Aistear themes and and also Montessori Learning (Language, Culture, Maths, Practical and Social).

This is a great activity to lead on from children’s emerging interests if they talk about New Years, dragons, colours, China, or celebrations around the world. The Chinese New Year Activity Sheet was created by the team at Canavan Byrne and you can download your FREE copy now at 

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