Child Friendly Fire Evacuation Notice: This Week’s Friday Freebie

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As you know, if you run a School-Aged Service you are required to have a set of mandatory policies and procedures. You are also required to have a separate child friendly version of these policies. These child-friendly policies can be purchased from the Early Years Shop. These policies are especially designed so that children can understand them. They combine simple language with pictures and symbols. We have just added a Fire Evacuation Notice to the pack as the inspectorate will check that such as notice is on display when inspecting a school-aged service.

Today’s Friday Freebie is the child-friendly fire evacuation notice. Like many of our downloadable policies and forms, it is provided as a Word document to make it easy for you to edit. All you need to do to make this notice ready for use is to take a picture of your fire assembly point and insert it into the notice.

Our Child Friendly Policy Pack includes:

  • Statement of Purpose & Function
  • Complaints Policy
  • Medicine Policy
  • Infection Control Policy
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Dropping Off & Collection of Children
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Evacuation Notice


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