Celebrate Christmas and Diversity with our Christmas Around the World Friday Freebie


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For our Friday Freebie this week, we’re bringing you Christmas Around the World! Celebrate Christmas and diversity with three great printables:

Christmas Around the World Posters

These lovely colourful posters shows how to say “Merry Christmas” in English, Irish, Urdu, Latvian, Polish, Danish, French, Lithuanian, Zulu, Yoruba, Arabic, German, Hindi and Thai and the terms used for “Santa Claus” in France, Kenya, India, Ireland, South Africa, Punjab, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and China!

“Merry Christmas” in (Almost) Every Language in the World

This fact sheet is a great reference with a translation of “Merry Christmas” into the official languages of over 200 countries! Here is a chance to look up the countries of origin of any children in your service who have recently come to Ireland and wish them “Merry Christmas” in their original language. This could be a beginning of a discussion around diversity of language, culture and experience.

Christmas Around the World Printable Factsheets

These colourful factsheets are suitable for printing and posting in your service, with interesting details about the different ways Christmas is celebrated in many different countries.