Carrot, Sweet Potato and Orange Soup Recipe: This Week’s Friday Freebie



To encourage Healthy Eating this Spring we have a tasty and nutritious Carrot, Sweet Potato and Orange Soup recipe for this week’s Friday Freebie. Babies and children will love this healthy and delicious soup packed with lots of different vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes and chickpeas. To add some extra Vitamin C and sweetness there is a splash of orange juice added to the recipe. Serve with tasty whole grain bread or rolls for a great lunch option. This recipe is from the Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack available on the Early Years Shop. Canavan Byrne recently contracted certified nutritionist Sarah Keogh to create a range of great healthy recipes for Early Years services along with some sample menu plans. All recipes created by Sarah are cross-referenced with a list of allergens. It is very important to ensure that you post details of children with a health issue such as an allergy. Remember these details should not be publicly visible and need to be covered. See our Anaphylaxis Medical Care Plan for more information. Staff and families should be made aware of your Healthy Eating Policy, which comes as part of the Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack. Having great policies and procedures in place around food safety and health is also an important part of being prepared for any inspections.