Bee in the Moment Mindfulness Activity: Friday Freebie

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Bee in the Moment Mindfulness Activity is this week’s Friday Freebie from Canavan Byrne. This activity is a great opportunity to promote and practice positive mental health in the classroom. It is a simple activity that can be done at any time of the day to practice being still and helps children to be aware of their different senses.

Awareness of mindfulness techniques and care of our own emotional well-being should be introduced and practiced from an early age and maintained through life. The more active the practice, the more effective the tools.

When we teach children to recognise their emotions, to accept them, and then offer them the tools to communicate these and react to them with support, we are helping to set an appropriate platform for children to safely express themselves. Similarly, we are helping them to ask for help and to react accordingly with the support they may require.

This Friday Freebie has been taken from the Mindfulness & Mental Health Toolkit that is available to purchase on the Early Years Shop.