Autumn Curriculum Plans




Welcome to Autumn! A lovely season with the smells of leaves and the peat fires burning as the evenings grow chillier. We’re all sad to say goodbye to another summer but now it’s time to get back to school. Autumn is a season of getting back to work and preparing for the upcoming winter as well as a time to anticipate the upcoming holidays of Halloween and Christmas.

Our Autumn Curriculum Plan includes lots of great activities to start the children playing and learning. Remember that the Aistear guidelines suggest giving the children activities to initiate play and exploration of ideas, then observe and be guided by their interests as to what to explore further. Use our popular Aistear Stickers as a convenient way to label the children’s creations and coordinate with Aistear themes and goals.

Our Autumn activities:

  • All About Squirrels
  • How Leaves Change Colour
  • Autumn All Around
  • Hungry Squirrel
  • Autumn Colours
  • Leaf Landing
  • Autumn Sensory Tray
  • Leaf Measuring
  • Bake a Fruit Pie
  • My Favourite Season
  • Helicopter Take Off
  • Tree ID
  • Finger Painting Autumn Tree
  • Nature Collage