April Curriculum Plan Pack

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The April Curriculum Planning Pack gives you a taste of different activities from our individual theme Packs for Easter, Spring, On The Farm and In The Garden. These are great activities for getting back outdoors with nature in the brighter and drier days that April brings. The pack includes Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheets that help you to document your observations of each child’s play in relation to Aistear Themes and Montessori Learning Areas. Simply print the sheets out and have them available to staff for any quick observations and you can later decide on any follow up activities that will help the children lead in their own learning. We have also included an April printable calendar and a notice to hang in your service of Famous April Dates that your classroom leaders might like to celebrate with the children this April.

Top Tip: Combine this pack with the FREE monthly newsletter for April so that you can share with parents and carers what the children have been busy with during the month. This contributes greatly to effective communication, which is essential for building good school-family partnerships. Remember if you become an Early Years Resource Factory member the newsletter and the April curriculum plan come for free! Sign up for your FREE no obligation 7 day Trial here  or sign up immediately here.



  • Two Activities from Easter: These activities will help with children’s gross and fine motor skills, while developing confidence, independence and understanding feelings. Both activities tie in with the Aistear Themes; Exploring and Thinking and Well-being. In terms of Montessori the activities cover the areas of Sensorial, Cultural, Practical and Maths.
  • Two Activities from Spring: The Spring Activities help to develop cognitive, physical and social skills as well as developing skills in listening, talking and understanding. They tie in with the Aistear Themes; Exploring and Thinking and Communicating and the Montessori Areas of Languages, Cultural and Practical.
  • Two Activities from On The Farm: These two fun activities cover the developmental areas of physical, cognitive and social. They also cover all four Aistear Themes; Exploring and Thinking, Communication and Identity and Belonging and Well-being as well as the Montessori areas of Languages, Cultural and Practical.
  • Two Activities from In The Garden: These activities tie in great with the suggested April themes such as insects and bugs and recycling. The activities cover all 4 of the Aistear themes as well as Montessori areas of Sensoral and Cultural.
  • Aistear Observation Sheet: Print off these sheets to have to hand when you are observing children you can simply fill out what you have observed the child doing, what area it covers and what emerging interests comes from the observation that you can use for future lessons.
  • Aistear/Montessori Observation Sheet: Print off these sheets to have to hand when you are observing children in the areas of both Aistear and Montessori.
  • April 2020 Calendar Sheet: Print this sheet off and hang in your classroom. It will help to introduce the children to the idea of what a calendar is and teach them how many days are in the month compared to other months.
  • April 2020 Famous Dates To Celebrate: This printable is great to hang in your service as it lists different ideas of events and celebrations that happen throughout the month of April that you may wish to celebrate on some level with the children.




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