Klorsept & Klorkleen

This is a family of cleaning and disinfecting products used internationally in hospitals, medical practices, and many other locations sensitive to the dangers of infection. It is also widely used in catering outlets and Sports Clubs, Gyms, Hairdressers, Schools, Community Centres etc.

It is the best solution available for cleaning floors and surfaces. It is recommended to use Klorkleen for the major cleaning/disinfecting routines and then Klorsept for additional requirements during the rest of the day. The products come in tablet form which can be dropped into the correct amount of water for the required dilution. No mixing or stirring needed as they dissolve very quickly.

Klorsept and Klorkleen will kill 99.995% of germs and viruses including the SARS coronavirus. More details are available on the downloadable leaflets on the product pages.



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