Music and Movement

Music and movement research done over the years shows the importance of exposing children to music from a young age. This can be in many forms, including singing lullabies to babies, playing classical music to get them off to sleep or dancing to favourite tunes with them!

Whatever it may be, research shows that introducing children to music from a young age has long term developmental benefits. Some of the developmental benefits include improved motor skills and attention span, self regulation, speech, language and social development.

Singing, dancing or chanting can help make routine activities run smoother and be much more enjoyable! This can be to gather children together for circle time or to get ready for going home time. Furthermore, music and movement can also help to set the mood. Quiet music can soothe the children so that they might want to sit and relax. Loud and lively music can make children feel energetic and ready to work or play! In addition, music and movement can be a very social activity and can help children feel part of a group (Aistear Identity and Belonging).