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Graduation Day 2019 is months away

Plan now for your Graduation Day

You can pre-order your Graduation Gown Sets now for delivery later just in time for the special day. We have introduced a low-cost deposit system that will guarantee delivery at a date of your choosing.

This is an investment in your service that will last for years. Our popular gown sets in different colours are made from high-quality washable material and come with caps, 2019 year charms and tassels. 2020 year charms will be available for next year.

Graduation Days are a wonderful way to celebrate your children’s time with you as they prepare to move on to bigger school. The gown sets eliminate the dress-up problem for parents and give children a strong feeling of being part of a team. Parents, Grandparents and siblings (if you have room) all love this colourful occasion.

Simply select our Pre-order product option and follow the prompts. Your order will include a personalised banner with your service name and also graduation certificates to give to each child on the day.
Place your order NOW! There is a chance to change your mind if you decide to cancel at a later date.