Friday Freebie – BACK TO SCHOOL – Family Tree

Using the Family Tree activity is a great way to start a conversation about the diversity of children and their family situations. For example, we aim to ensure that all children, including children with a disability, will be able to meaningfully participate in our settings (apart from exceptional situations where specialised provision is required for unavoidable reasons). In line with this vision, our policy is about supporting the access and inclusion of children with a disability and/or additional needs.

All children, parents and staff are entitled not to be discriminated against and to be given the same fair opportunities. The practice in a childcare setting should represent and recognise the different needs, experiences and backgrounds of both its users and the wider community. Early years educators need to be aware that different skills, experiences, interests and awareness that children have affects their ability and how they learn. When discussing the Family Tree try to cover children with additional needs, more able children, children with a disability, children from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds, children from different ethnic groups including, Travellers, refugees and asylum seekers and children from a variety of different linguistic backgrounds.

This area is covered in detail in our Inclusion Pack (incorporating equality and diversity) which is available from the Early Years Shop.