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Family Newsletter as Communication Tool : This Week’s Thursday Tip

Family Newsletter as a Communication Tool is this week’s Thursday Tip from Canavan Byrne. All information provided to parents and families of your service must be easy to use and easy accessible. There are many formats that can be used such as notice boards, charts, posters, leaflets, booklets, texting, webpages, one to one contact and group meetings. 

A monthly newsletter is a great additional communication channel between your early years service and families. Communication is one of the items that you will be scored on in case of inspection. This week’s Thursday Tip outlines the many benefits of having a monthly newsletter to share with the families of your service. 

Family Newsletter as a Communication Tool – The Benefits;

  • Using a monthly family newsletter as a communication tool keeps communication regular. 
  • Keeps families up to date with the latest curricula and activities.
  • Informs families of changes to schedules, policies and procedures.
  • Educates families on items such as the Aistear Framework or new legislations.
  • Entertains families with fun features such as poems, jokes or trivia. 
  • Keeps families in touch with news of birthdays, new staff members, achievements or goodbyes.
  • Proactive approach to information sharing meaning less individual families looking for information on certain items.

At The Early Years Shop our monthly customisable newsletter is a great option if you are considering a newsletter. Canavan Byrne provides entertaining and informative content each month with a mix of articles to choose from. You can choose as many of these articles as you wish. They are all editable so you can edit out anything irrelevant in your setting. You can also add your own articles and news. Choose different page layouts and include pre-supplied graphics (such as Christmas illustrations), as well as the ability to upload your own photos. 

Purchase your Newsletter each month through the Early Years Shop, or sign up for an EYRF Membership to make your monthly newsletter. In addition, you will have access to hundreds of other valuable printables and curriculum plans. Along with the newsletter, we supply a Family Notice that you can post in your service each month.