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Partnership with Parents: The Regular Newsletter

Why not use our Newsletter Development tool to communicate with parents? A professionally produced newsletter gives you the edge and ensures parents are kept informed of developments. It can also be used to educate parents and create an awareness about curriculum and child development. Communication with parents is an important element of the DES inspection. Available here

Services should recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents/guardians to promote the best interests of children and that parents/guardians play a key role in the education of their children. The service should work in partnership with and support parents/guardians in this role.

You should:

  • Ensure parents/guardians views and needs are incorporated, parents/guardians rights respected, in regard to all cultural and religious differences.
  • Ensure you adhere to respect confidentiality at all times.
  • Welcome comments and feedback. Parents/guardians are encouraged to follow our complaints/compliments procedure in relation to any issues they may have regarding the services provided.
  • Ensure parents/guardians are given regular information about their child’s progress through informal and formal feedback –verbal and written.
  • Ensure that all parents/guardians are informed about meetings and any other activities being organised.
  • Ensure all parents/guardians are aware of the policies and procedures.
  • Encourage parents/guardians to contribute their own skills, knowledge and interests through curriculum activities.