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DES Inspections; The Importance of Making Community Connections

Early-Years Education-focused Inspections (EYEIs) are carried out in early-years services participating in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme

During these inspections, inspectors evaluate the quality of the nature, range and appropriateness of the early educational experiences for children participating in the ECCE Programme. The main activity of an EYEI inspection is the observation, by the inspector, of the processes and practices relating to children’s learning.
Under Area 1 – Quality of context to support children’s learning and development the following are list by the DES as signposts for practice;

  • Opportunities are provided for children to develop an appreciation of themselves as individuals and as members of groups
  • Opportunities are provided which bring together children, families and practitioners in the setting
  • Diversity is recognised, valued and affirmed within an inclusive learning environment
  • The setting has made connections and is integrated with the local community
  • Children have opportunities to get to know people and places within their community

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