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Curriculum Planning for the Better Days Ahead

It is important to keep up to date with the ever changing news of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic but you don’t have to be consumed by it all day long. Make a conscious effort to put some space aside in your daily routine and use the time to prepare and plan for when you do go back to your classroom. It might only be for an hour each day but it will help you greatly. Not just for being better organised when you do go back but also to give your own mind a break from the constant stream of news and reports that we are exposed to on a daily basis! 

Early Years services have a great opportunity to give children a love for life-long learning. Early Years curriculum is an important part of the learning process of a child as essentially it is everything that children learn while at Early Years Services. Curriculums can be child or adult-led and can be planned or done on the spot. The Aistear Síolta Practice Guide supports services to use Aistear and Síolta together to build an emergent and inquiry based curriculum. This type of curriculum uses children’s and practitioners’ interests, questions and experiences as starting points for curriculum planning.Typically curriculum planning can be short, medium or long term;

  • Short Term Curriculum Planning
    Short Term Curriculum Planning involves responding to children’s current interests and enquiries, events and news in their families and their community.
  • Medium Term Curriculum Planning
    Medium Term Curriculum Planning may include some project work such as building a city, celebrating Diwali if there are children in the service who celebrate it, birthday celebrations, Spring,  Easter and Summer to name but a few. 
  • Long Term Curriculum Planning
    Long-term planning outlines what a setting plans to do to support children’s learning and development over a long period of time and to acknowledge and reward their achievements. The long term plan is based on the setting’s mission statement and Curriculum Statement. Planning for big school and graduation ceremonies are an important part of this planning.

You will find a number of Curriculum Plans on our online shop that have been developed by Canavan Byrne to support your curriculum planning. These curriculum plans are specifically designed to support Aistear, Síolta and Montessori learnings. Each activity clearly outlines what learning area from Aistear and Montessori is supported. These curriculum plans are not prescribed templates, instead they are a bank of curriculum ideas that can be used to respond to children’s needs. All Curriculum Packs include observation sheets that you can print off and have to hand for when you are observing individual children in your classroom.

There is also the Curriculum Planning Toolkit which is a great guide to assist you with your Curriculum Planning and includes templates for your short, medium and long term plans. To help with your preparation and planning for returning to school there is now 25% off all curriculum planning products on the Early Years Shop. We have curriculum plans on various themes such as Spring, Summer, Easter, Celebrating Difference as well as role play Curriculum Plans such as Outer Space, At the Cinema and At The Hospital. Check out our various packs now at the Early Years Shop !