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Continuing Strict Hygiene and Sanitising Measures at Your Service!

It is critically important to continue with strict sanitising and hygiene measures upon the reopening of your service. Now is a good time to re-check that your cleaning and hygiene routines continue to be at the expected standard and that you have suitable personal protection for staff members working at your service. If there is an area that you feel is not satisfactory or could be improved upon now is the time to make those changes. This will give you the peace of mind that you are doing all that is reasonably possible to keep the COVID-19 virus out of your service.  At the Early Years Shop we are delighted to offer a number of different personal protection and cleaning products that are suitable for use at your service.
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PPE Equipment

Face Masks At The Early Years Shop, we have a range of face masks to suit all services individual requirements. We stock disposable masks of medical grade as well as KN95 certified masks. We also stock Irish handmade washable masks (Standard and Superior). In addition, we have recently added personalised masks for any service wishing to add a service name or logo to their washable masks.
Disposable Aprons and Gloves  Disposable Aprons are lightweight and waterproof with the aim of protecting staff and their clothing while carrying out various tasks. The aprons can be used when dealing with sick children, nappy changing, food preparation and for arts and crafts activities. Aprons should be disposed of immediately to reduce the likelihood of viral contamination. Our plastic disposable gloves come in packs of 100 and can also be used for various tasks throughout the day such as food preparation and dealing with a sick or injured child. Like aprons, gloves should be disposed of immediately to ensure that there is no risk of contamination.
Infrared Thermometer Our high-quality non-contact infrared thermometer measures the body’s thermal radiation from a distance, providing a quick, accurate temperature reading. The thermometer provides an accurate reading (within .2°C) for temperatures in the human body range (35°C to 42°C). The large backlit screen makes it quick and easy to read in different lighting conditions. It takes a temperature measurement in less than one second. It is CE approved (European certification for health and safety). It is battery-operated (2x AAA batteries) so it can be used anywhere.

Hand Sanitiser

We have a range of hand sanitiser available, both alcohol and non alcohol based and in a range of different sizes.
Alcohol Based – Our alcohol based products contain a minimum of 70% alcohol and are very effective in killing any virus particles on the hands. There are a range of different sizes available so that you are prepared in all instances. The 5 litre drum is a great option for services with a number of staff who will be sanitising multiple times through out the day. This is a cost effective and environmental friendly option as you can refill smaller sanitising stations from the big drum. The smaller bottles and sachets are very useful to have when outdoors with the children so that you are able to sanitise on the go, some are ideal to carry in a small bag or even your pocket.
Non-Alcohol Based – Our Dew sanitising range is a non-alcohol based product made from electrolysed water. It is 99.995% effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi and is free from any parabens, toxins and dyes. It has proven very popular with Early Years Services as it is safe to use with both adults and children. The products are vegan friendly, PH skin friendly and environmentally friendly. They are available in a range of sizes suitable for refilling smaller sanitising stations or for on the go.

Cleaning Products

All services now have more stringent cleaning policies in place with the ongoing pandemic. We have a number of different cleaning products available – both alcohol and non-alcohol based – that are suitable for use in Early Years settings.
Klorkleen and Klorsept – This is a family of cleaning and disinfecting products that are used internationally in hospitals, medical practices and a number of other centres that are sensitive to the danger of infection. The products come in tablet form, meaning there is no need to mix liquid and it is easy to store. Great for cleaning all floor areas and counter top work spaces. We have these products available in both regular and mini sizes.
Alcohol Free Antibacterial Surface Wipes – The antibacterial surface wipes are suitable for use in the areas of food preparation and general work areas. They are alcohol free and therefore less harsh than bleach on surfaces. They are available in packs of 200 and 1500.
Dew Superclean – From the Dew Range of Alcohol Free based products made from electrolysed water. This is a multi-surface, low-streak cleaner and degreaser free from harsh chemicals, dyes and parabens. It comes in a 500ml spray, 5 litre refill and a 500ml Concentrate.
Dew Disinfect – The Dew Disinfect Range is also alcohol free and made from electrolysed water. It can be used to disinfect work tops, sinks, bathrooms and toilets without the harshness of bleach based products. This product comes in a 500ml spray, a 2.5l refill5 litre refill