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New Canavan Byrne Curriculum Planning and Documentation Training Video

Over a period of time Canavan Byrne have observed, from conducting research within the Early Years Sector and from feedback on training courses carried out with services currently working in the Early Years Sector, that the same questions regarding curriculum are asked over and over again.

With that in mind, Canavan Byrne devised an easy way to answer these questions and have made it available in the form of this great training video that is now available to purchase online on The Early Years Shop . This amazing new training video was made in collaboration with an award-winning setting that has received 4 excellents in their most recent DES inspection and who is fully compliant with Tusla.

The video aims to answer those recurring questions received from educators and explores all components of a successful curriculum. It is worth noting that for the purpose of this training video Canavan Byrne features their specially designed learning journals. However, services can also compile their own records by using scrapbooks.

The most frequently asked questions in the Curriculum Planning Video Training

So what are the questions that services ask over and over again? The questions all relate to Curriculum and how Early Years Services can devise an effective curriculum in a busy Early Years Setting. Some of the most frequently asked questions are;

  1. How do I devise an effective and stimulating curriculum in a busy early years setting?
  2. How do I develop a curriculum inspired by children’s emerging interests?
  3. How do I create an environment where children can learn through play, enquiry and exploration?
  4. How do I provide a stimulating, more child led space where children are free to fuel their own learning, curiosities and interests?
  5. How do I put theory into practice?

The training video sets out to answer all of the above questions over 5 chapters to include: How Young Children Learn, The Impact the Physical Environment has on Learning, The Emergent Curriculum, The Emergent Curriculum in Action and Documenting Your Curriculum. The video sets out to guide you on how to plan your curriculum and how you should promote and use the Aistear and Síolta Practice when planning, implementing, recording and reflecting on your curriculum plans.

After watching the video, take a short evaluation quiz and receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion from Canavan Byrne, personalised with your name and the date of completion.