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Due to the changes in the ECCE scheme, the introduction of the Affordable Childcare Scheme and further plans to develop the funding programme, this pack has been temporarily withdrawn

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ECCE Enrolment Pack has been updated August 2019 for compliance with current regulations!

Keeping your paperwork in order is essential to the smooth running of any business. Ensuring that you have all the correct information for children taking up places on the ECCE schemes is essential.

It is important to give all the relevant information to parents when a new child starts at your service and getting parents to sign a contract is an important part of the beginning of your partnership. The ECCE Enrolment Pack will get you on the right track from the start by setting out all those important terms and conditions for ECCE places.


  • Guide to ECCE Enrolment Pack
  • ECCE Enrolment Policy
  • ECCE Elibigility
  • Parents Agreement
  • Staff Ratios

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