Critical Incident Toolkit


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It also gives you access to a growing library of curriculum plans and activities for all age groups from 0-6 with observation sheets for documenting your observations for each child. You can also produce your own monthly newsletter to communicate with parents.



When an emergency situation occurs it is important that the situation is handled carefully and with consideration for all involved. An emergency situation, no matter what the circumstances, has the potential to cause a ripple effect in an early years setting and therefore the manner in which the situation is handled is vital. Supporting children to cope with an emergency situation requires careful planning and cohesive implementation.

Emergency situations, if handled properly, are an opportunity to help support children and build resilience and coping skills. They can also be opportunities for communities to bond and for children to experience real compassion and strength.

The Critical Incident Toolkit has been designed to support childcare providers in developing a Critical Incident Plan for their services at times of emergency and crisis. The key to managing critical incidents is forward planning. You must remember that a critical incident plan is only workable if you have a solid set of policies, carry out regular risk assessments and train your staff on how to respond to a variety of situations.


  • Critical Incident Guide
  • Critical Incident & Evacuation plan
  • Media Do’s & Don’ts
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Report on Emergency Form
  • Evacuation Bag Checklist
  • Emergency Preparedness Form
  • Critical Incident

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